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For the fight against fake and imitation of the Jabo wire and the terminal, <YARBO AUDIOPHILE> Jabul full range of original products, has been fully enabled green genuine logo and packaging seals, fans can buy on the spot with the phone, mobile phone text messages and the Internet three Way self-help check the authenticity of <in the home company at the bottom left of the company there is a genuine check bar for enthusiasts self-help verification. > At the same time in the purchase also need to pay attention to the original color seal seal intact to ensure genuine licensed, was the quality of the company's guarantee and after-sales service.

From Germany, connecting the world

Accra SCC-2050R-WF signal cable

New sound magazine in November 2005 published in the 56th article Spring and Autumn articles

Text / Deng Zhichao photo / Lin Wenzhi

This is our first contact with the Jabar Yarbo wire, but the beginning of the start is very high, number SCC-2050R-WF RCA signal line is the company's square core copper conductive layer of carbon products, there are twenty A variety of models, different appearance and different sound style readily available, the common price is very reasonable. It is understood that the headquarters of the factory in Europe and the United States for the development of Europe and the United States suppliers, the production of different standards of different standards of high-standard wire has 35 years of history, the world's many well-known audio fever line are Accra to assist OEM, ODM, from Signal lines, speaker lines, power lines, video lines and other strange accessories, Arsenal has a wealth of products to choose from. Jaban wire conductor, plugs, terminals, and accessories are imported products, part of the finished product line in China assembly, packaging all completed in China. Production will always use the German WBT senior silver tin, and by anti-static treatment, the factory also by a number of strict testing to ensure quality. Past the Jardine wire only for export, and now the company opened the door to connect a broader world, inviting the domestic franchise, and we have the opportunity to enjoy the value of a good wire.

JCB-2050R-WF signal cable packed in beautiful wooden box, the most striking is the signal output two shapes of special metal box, which is effective filtering RF and EMI electromagnetic interference means, the editor to take this group Line when the account that part of the use of sterling silver material, I thought it was shielded on the box that two silver glitter YARBO logo it. Later it was clarified that the original sterling silver material used in the structure of the different RCA terminal, its stylus terminal has a circle of enhanced convex floating point, can increase the strength of the contact point to reduce the impedance, the sound is absolutely helpful The Petal-type RCA connector can be locked, but the grip of a good sleeve will not fall out, but also can not see WBT silver solder with beautiful contacts, you must open the screw to remove the entire plug, but they are how to process What? In short, this line of RCA plug is very close and easy to use, the German metalworking technology really powerful, Jabble plug is not inferior to the WBT products.

It is curious that the internal black PE material by adding conductive carbon, and with the conductor tightly wrapped, and this will constitute an excellent conduction effect of the conductor, the carbon itself has ultra-high frequency filter characteristics, can absorb external noise and Shielded internal noise interference. In addition, the conductive carbon PE material is also very good physical and chemical properties, can withstand distortion, air pollution and oxidation, the use of long-term can still keep the wire in the best condition. This group of signal lines for the coaxial structure, the most inside is the eight square core copper, because the square core copper conductor transmission area to widen the amplification, but less skin effect of the troubled, theoretically can greatly enhance the sound resolution, , Dynamic amplitude, and maintain phase synchronization. The middle filled with transparent transparent adhesive, the outer layer of copper mesh as a ground, the structure is not complicated but try to use the best materials, which is one of the design concept of Jabo.

The author will be the Accor SCC-2050R-WF signal line connected to the Cary CD306 SACD, refer to the comparison of the wire with the Netherlands Fan Denghao, American music ribbon, etc., to Italy Unico SE combined amplifier to promote Tanner Focus 220 speakers. Really can not help but praise the Accor's RCA plug, because the comparison process must be inserted frequently, some imitation WBT design RCA head is not too tight is too small, even after a few times into the thin gold-plated will wear off, And the Accor's RCA head regardless of plug in the SACD machine, MSB decoder or several amplifiers, the kind of smooth and tight touch are pleasant to move. The same line of this line must also burn 100 hours sound will be stable, just sound when the sound slightly dark, high frequency extension and the air is not enough, with the passage of time more and more open the scene.

After the ripe to enjoy the ABC album called "Jia Jia" piano solo album, found that the Accor SCC-2050R-WF signal line is a thick and warm trend, the speed of the music and the music is very stable, even if the middle with MSB Link decoder (Cary SACD machine digital output up to 96kHz), or feel that the gallery is significantly different from the reference line. I think that this personality is more suitable for the use of light and bright system, the old bookcase box bass is not strong and vigorous majestic, the fort can help you a hand. And then enjoy some of the domestic production of saliva song, Jabo let the singer close to the microphone produced by the hissing less, brass warm and solid sense of the violin add a little wood taste, in the case of synthetic music low frequency is quite large. Singers in the sound field in the more forward, full of physical and physical sense, the overall sense of scale is quite satisfactory, the details of the natural show is not an exaggeration, dynamic and impact are kind of mold.

Audition when the other two tubes connected to the amplifier, the fort is still a relaxed and leisurely look like, the bass is better than the treble performance. I think that Jabo with crystal amplifier may be more appropriate, it will allow some of the price of the crystal machine also rendering the charm of the tube. Because this is the first time contact with the Jardine wire, do not know how other products sound performance, but from the dazzling list of people, I believe there is always a suitable for you, the most happy is its price is very Reasonable, and the agent honest and pragmatic attitude is more worthy of encouragement. I recently found a banner under the banner of Germany, sold quite expensive and actually the local soil cannon, in contrast, Jabing really should vote for it!


Jia Jia (ABC Record K2-063)

A Shanghai girl who has studied piano at the University of Tokyo, Japan, has played some melancholy melodies in a variety of styles, including popular, new century, and light music. Recording in Tokyo Sony recording studio, to Steinway piano playing, music is very simple, as long as the laissez-faire free running, it is easy to feel happy with the notes, moved, miss and hurt. Piano is the most wide bandwidth, the largest dynamic, most changes in the sound of one of the instruments, solo piano as a test sound is very appropriate, as long as you hear whether the sound is true, physical sense is correct, high bass extension is exhausted, Dynamic and speed is enough, should be able to make judgments. Jabo signal line to the wide and full, bass energy and not abuse, the trumpet quite flavor, feel quite comfortable loose loose.

There are HDMI and IEEE1394 and other advanced digital wiring, because these wires need very high technology, only a very small number of factories have the ability to produce, we can see that this German company is not simple.