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Wire Model: HIFI-1102BW two-core signal line profile 1. OD OD: 6 mm. 2. Conductor composition: Selection of <99.9999% pure sterling silver wire in Germany> Specification of pure silver conductor: 0.30mm 1 piece placed in conductor center 10 6 0.25mm silver-plated ultra pure copper wire, precision twisted into a round shape, two-core conductor Respectively covered Teflon <TEFLON> media. 3. The internal structure of the wire The two core wire stranded at a large pitch after the built-in center of the wire, filled with gaps (white cotton line) and then (SHIELDED) tightly wrapped, and then use (0.10mm quality silver plating) woven tight shield , Outer jacket is purple PVC. 4. Assembly imported precision, superconducting, 24K Zijin plating, the new, lockable RCA terminal, RCA terminal head of the laser engraved on the concave groove of different notes, beautiful and unique, and with signal-enhanced protruding floating point unique Copper stylus, closer contact conduction, reducing signal transmission loss, and its signal transmission characteristics better; internal filled with transparent plastic seal, which can effectively prevent the conductor oxidation, to ensure long-term use of audio transmission stability. Equipped with imported powerful filter magnetic ring at the input end, it can effectively eliminate the interference of various high frequency electromagnetic waves, making the music background pure and noiseless, the voice more sweet, transparent, natural, true, restore more audio details, perfect match Advanced HI-FI sound system. 5. All welding points are used in Germany WBT silver tin professional welding, quality assurance.

Fort Ya wires and terminals against counterfeit and imitation, <YARBO AUDIOPHILE> YARBO full range of original products, has been fully enabled to identify the genuine green packaging seals, fans at the time of purchase on the spot by telephone, SMS and Internet three kinds Self-examination of the authenticity of the way <In the home page at the bottom left of the company has a genuine check box for enthusiasts self-help verification. >, At the same time also need to pay attention to the original color printing seal intact to ensure that genuine licensed, was the quality assurance and after-sales service Abacus.

Listening to the sound of wine glass evaluation Germany Ya Fort: HiFi 1102BW / 1203BW-F signal line in 2006 March / total No. 60 <New sound magazine / wire Spring and Autumn Period> Article: Wen / Lin Wenzhi Agent: Guangzhou German sound most people can not imagine Audio audiophile Why in order to area a few feet long wire, it will take the opportunity to left pick the right election, and spend big bucks, just as my generation can not understand the wine mulled wine, spend a lot of silver bullets into a variety of different glass is the same The truth. The red wine fans usually take for granted to tell you: different cups can bring out different wine refreshing aroma, not only a cup can be suitable for all tastes of red wine. So audio fans? Relatively expensive wire like red wine fans in the hands of the "love cup", different wire with the same equipment, will have different sound characteristics, with the right there will be particularly good sense of hearing, so we have to "generously" . The sound characteristics of the various brands of wire to different, in fact, many wire manufacturers from the edge of the special theory of their own lines, before the selection, it is necessary to understand something, and then "ears earners receipt." Germany Ya Bao is really a big family of wire, just entered in 2006, Ya Bao also added two new members of the wire family: HiFi -1102BW and HiFi-1203BW-F signal line, coincides with the New Year, they both look Is to give everyone a happy new year. Two signal line purple and purple, purple HiFi-1102BW eye-catching appearance of color, it seems that with a few mysterious blur, black HiFi-1203BW-F is dignified and steady. Just from the appearance of packaging point of view, the two wire people to a few people put it down, the previous wire packaging are generally paper boxes, wooden boxes or bags, and HiFi-1102BW and HiFi-1203BW-F signal lines were installed in two Glowing silver metallic luster in a small aluminum box, looks quite chic. Open the lid of the aluminum box, the two wires so curvy soft posture, lying quietly in the aluminum box, lovingly watching you, then everyone please do not "shy", because when you open the lid that For the moment, though this does not necessarily mean total ownership, it means you can enjoy yourself for a while, even for a little while. You can use your hot eyes look it back, look it ... ... ah, the two wires look different in appearance, in fact, the internal structure is more or less the same, both ends of the wire are equipped with imported RCA can be imported, 24K Zijin gold looks very expensive. The RCA terminal head shell are laser engraved on different musical note pattern, beautiful and unique, and with a signal enhanced floating point unique copper stylus, can be more closely contact with the equipment terminals to conduct, thereby reducing Loss of signal transmission, the signal transmission characteristics better. The interior is also filled with transparent imported plastic seal, which can effectively prevent the conductor oxidation, to ensure long-term use of audio effects stable. In addition, the input end equipped with imported powerful filter magnetic ring, can effectively eliminate all types of high-frequency electromagnetic interference, is conducive to the music background more pure and noiseless, and wire all the solder joints are used in Germany WBT original Silver Tin Professional and technical welding. The conductor structure, HiFi-1102BW and HiFi-1203BW-F signal line center conductor are selected a 0.3mm diameter wire of 99.9999% purity silver, plus 6 0.25mm silver-plated high-purity copper wire. Among them, HiFi-1102BW with two-core conductor precision stranding into a circle, while the HiFi-1203BW-F is a three-core conductor stranded in the outer conductor were then covered Teflon "Teflon" medium. Finally, the conductors of the two strands at large pitch stranding are built into the center of the wire, the gap is filled with white cotton thread and then tightly shielded. A 0.10 mm high-quality silver-plated wire is then used to weave a tight shielding layer on the aluminum foil layer, Make sure the sound quality is more pure, outer jacket (special metal particles included) black or purple PVC. Of course, the production process of wire, material selection material superior, which of course is a good line should have the elements, but for the "enthusiasts", a wire is good, then depends on the wire connected to their own sound system, whether it will Acclimatized? After all, only "good match" out of the sound, that is really good! Before listening to the test may wish to red wine analogy, the real drink red wine, the most can not easily neglect the vessel is the cup, which is the best crystal clear crystal glass, cup requirements for the first clear, in order to clearly view the cup Second, thin as paper to reduce the tongue of the tongue contact with the wine estrangement; Third, its shape designed to play the aroma and taste of the wine-based. Enthusiasts listen to music, the heart should be large audio equipment, the wire used to connect naturally can not slack off. For the signal line, the performance of the Hi-Fort-HiFi-1102BW What? Let's start by listening to the test. The performance of the HiFi-1102BW makes me feel good is the first clean music background, this point is like a cup of clear wine, while the wire can be very good to isolate the interference of external noise, the sound system to a peaceful listening Sound environment, so that more and more rich musical elements vividly, so it is undoubtedly awe-inspiring, and HiFi-1102BW sounds to be done. In the quiet music background, HiFi-1102BW shows us the sweet sound characteristics, the so-called "sweet" is sweet and clear, I try to play all types of music genre, HiFi-1102BW this trait is Ubiquitous. In addition, accompanied by the sweet is the luster, it can be said, HiFi-1102BW sweet and shiny sound performance, so violin gloss enough, sweet taste, but also reflected in the piano on the rounded. The HiFi-1102BW performance of the instrument and vocal body will not be swollen, not too large, but the strong, flexible, cohesive sense of hearing impressive. Although not bloated but not too large, but full of strength is the characteristics of the IF and low frequency band, high-frequency characteristics of the luster is full of sweetness. In other words, the sound of HiFi-1102BW signal cable is not large and soft. It is sound-image condensation with appropriate healthy rigidity. The agglomeration and proper rigidity of audio and video qualities are consistent from high frequency band to medium frequency band to low frequency band. If your home sound system or space environment is not a hard tune, vivid sound vivid person, with HiFi -1102BW this sound characteristics of wire, make the music sounds more beautiful. On the contrary, if the sound characteristics of Fuchu tend to be hard-tuning, it usually sounds too rigid and inflexible, and this cohesive health feature of the HiFi-1102BW is most likely to be mistaken for the richness. As mentioned earlier, wine drinking, the shape of the cup design to play the wine aroma and taste level as the basis, and listen to music, wire is to mix with the tone or even inspire their own sound system more The same is true for the wonderful sound quality. And for another group of HiFi-1203BW-F signal line, a more obvious feeling is the sense of volume increase in each band. Like playing a few violin or piano music, you can feel the sound quality of the violin becomes better and more flavor, some subtle wipe string texture of rustling sound, due to the increase in volume than the HiFi-1102BW signal line Clearer and more clear, the piano has a brighter luster and a sweet aroma of woody notes, while the piano feels a better sense of weight and a more crystal clear and elegant finish.