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Germany YARBO Yabo 2008 upgrade GY-FV1200 sterling silver 12-wire speaker cable


1. Wire sheath OD: 16mm.

2. The inner conductor of 12 conductor is insulated with Teflon material, the outer conductor is insulated with high density PE, and the conductor is special double insulation.

3.Conductor composition: <Selection of high quality German 99.99997% silver line> were selected three kinds of sterling silver conductor specifications: 0.80mm, 0.60mm, 0.30mm, pattern synthesis.

4 wire internal structure:

A: The center is 7 purple high-density PE airways.

B: In the center of seven hollow tube wrapped white tissue paper.

C: Closely spaced 12-core conductors on tissue and rounded.

D: Transparent Mylar wraps around a round 12-conductor.

E: wrapped in the outer layer of Mylar foil mask.

F: In the outer layer of gold foil mask again 0.10mm silver plating line closely woven mask layer.

G: Wrap white tissue again on the outer layer of woven mask.

H: High-quality specialty black PVC coated silver paper printed on silver paper.

I: Weave leopard print with yellow + black velvet on special PVC jacket, which can reduce the amount of static electricity on the thread body and also reduce the inductance of the thread body, so as to achieve better audio transmission capability. .

The two ends are equipped with imported sophisticated precision, superconducting 2008 upgrade version, the main body plated 24K rhodium white gold plug, the end of line assembly imported heavyweight magenta copper shape line sets, printed on black German Abbott logo, can effectively shock.

12-core sterling silver conductor outer double Use high-density silver-plated high-fidelity braided matte, which can effectively mask a variety of external noise drying together, so that the sound back more pure, quiet, details reproduce, the sound is more beautiful and vivid.

12-core sterling silver conductor all use Teflon insulation coupled with high-density transparent PE layer double insulation + 12 core twisted structure: can effectively reduce the loss of audio signal transmission and distortion and reduce the skin effect, its high The frequency performance is not as bright as the clear sky, but looks smooth and textured, the sound is more pure, transparent, natural, original, and enhance the sense of reality.

 Special technology refined high-purity German origin 6N large crystal four kinds of sterling silver conductor, silver molecular gap further reduced, resulting in more accurate transmission of sound signal transmission speed, making it replay high frequency, intermediate frequency sound particularly clear, more sense of hierarchy Clear, excellent transient response, low-frequency dynamic retractable, the real HI-FI sound quality standards for a variety of imported high-end models and the box connection, quality assurance.

To combat the counterfeit and imitation of the Ya-Fort wire and terminal, <YARBO AUDIOPHILE> Ya Bao full range of original products, has been in June 1, 2006 began a comprehensive green genuine logo and packaging seals, enthusiasts can be used on the spot when buying Phone, SMS and Internet access three ways to check the authenticity of self-inspection <in the home page below the company profile at the bottom of the real check box for enthusiasts self-check. >, At the same time also need to pay attention to the original color printing seal intact to ensure that genuine licensed, was the quality assurance and after-sales service Abacus.

Hot Leopard / "New Sound" magazine in January 2006 issue of "spring wire bar"

                             Text / << New Audio >> magazine editor: Lin Wenzhi

 Germany Ya Bao "YARBO AUDIOPHILE" GY-FV1200 sterling silver 12-wire speaker cable

Nature is a colorful world where animals live in a mix of colors, camouflage and mimicry are more apparent in many species of animals, through which the predator's attention is dispersed effect. Like a chameleon, it changes the color of its own skin to the approximate color of rocks and green leaves to achieve a stealthy effect. Some of the animals are also very conspicuous in color, giving a hint of "Beware, do not come near!" This is to avoid being hunted, so use the color and form to disguise themselves as the enemy scared, in order to achieve intimidation the goal of. In view of this, clever people often make wonderful use of color, such as the English Premier League West Bromwich Albion jersey color is a highly toxic Amazon frog South America, the color of the frog, looks very eye-catching, but also Can give the football opponent a psychological fear, so that the other party do not want to easily close to your body.

Of course, some animals exhibit eye-catching colors and shapes and attract the attention of the opposite sex instead of their main purpose, such as the beautiful peacock opening screen. Clever people have also noticed this point, as in the product design, some striking color and shape with the natural played a very good eye-catching effect. When your eyes fall on Germany's GY-FV1200 sterling silver speaker line, I believe this will be a cable to attract your attention. Yellow + black velvet leopard knit pattern weave, get in the hand caress, GY-FV1200 soft rocker pull figure, people think of the rise of the sexy leopard girl dancing, style million.

The Abbott GY-FV1200 sterling silver speaker line not only looks eye-catching, the internal design is also very hard. The center of the seven purple high-density airways, wrapped in the outer tube of white tissue paper, tightly balanced in the tissue paper 12-core conductor and wound round, GY-FV1200 conductor core material for the refining of high purity Germany Native 6N silver, were selected three kinds of sterling silver conductor 0.8mm, 0.6mm, 0.3mm stranding. The 12-core sterling silver conductor all use Teflon insulation coupled with high-density transparent PE layer, double insulated +12 core twisted structure, which can effectively reduce the loss of music signal transmission process and reduce the skin effect characteristics. In addition, the 12-core sterling silver conductor outer double use 0.1mm high-density silver-plated wire closely woven shield, which can effectively shield a variety of external noise interference, the sound background more pure, quiet. In addition, weaving the outer layer of white tissue paper again, drape the high quality black PVC paper, and finally the PVC jacket covered with the previously mentioned yellow + black velvet leopard knit patterns. When used, both ends of the Yabo GY-FV1200 are equipped with imported superconducting improved silver plated plug, the factory has Y-plug and banana plug two convenient user choice. Embossed into the line engraved into the Yabo signs and plus or minus red and black rubber color circle, the body is also equipped with a considerable weight of purple magenta modeling laces, printed on the black Germany Ya Bao logo, which can effectively shock .

Audition, audio amplifier Forty GY-FV1200 speaker line gives me the first feeling is fresh and smooth sound, compared with the previously used copper conductor speaker line, Abbott GY-FV1200 performance of the high-frequency stretch immediately. Generally speaking, we often say that the high-frequency silver wire is relatively bright, and the copper wire is relatively rich in mid-frequency, or the Litz wire is especially full and low-frequency. However, for Germany's Albatros GY-FV1200, its high frequency performance is not Will be as bright as the clear sky, but looks smooth and texture, listening to the "Serenade", the first song "Sousselli Serenade", nightingale tweet mildly charming, jumping around is obvious, violin Delicate and vivid, romantic and elegant melodies, the background of the murmuring water clearly set off a beautiful scene. Obviously, Germany Yabo GY-FV1200 performance of the mood and transparency of the screen than the copper material speaker line outperform.

Listen to the human voice, Abacus GY-FV1200 did not demonstrate its ability to withstand the thickness, it focuses on the sense of solidification, the mouth focused accurate and calm, whether male or female, have blood, rich emotions. Listening to a collection of albums, mostly soprano and piano, supplemented by a few other instruments, you can hear a fairly coordinated and balanced voice as the microphone is placed away from the singer during recording The original flavor is also indispensable. Listen to, I feel Yabo GY-FV1200 is very easy to soprano singer singing performance of the song, and piano notes sounds crystal clear and cohesion. The most fascinating is the soprano voice sounds very real, Abacus GY-FV1200's performance is not to let you hear the soprano exaggerated guttural or swallowing, but is very beautiful and control the taste of the sound of the sound.

Then broadcast a Mutter "Tango Song and Dance", the first piano after playing down has a long reverberation, the Acrylic GY-FV1200 performance of the piano details, the sound of the piano sounds longer than the reference line Lasting longer, so that the rhyme sounds more flavor. The second violin gently gently rubbing string sounds it is also true enough, the kind of rustle and sizzle wipe string texture really makes people involuntarily excited. After listening to the small compilation of violin and piano, may wish to listen to Tchaikovsky's large compilation of music "Piano Concerto No. 1", the performance of the Albagh GY-FV1200 allows you to feel the bravery of force waves In particular, I commend the GY-FV1200 on the strength of the control is still quite place, will not make people feel too exaggerated intense. The pounding of the piano harps on the strings, as well as the feeling of rolling, are great examples of the true nature of transient response and playing.

In general, the price point of view, with the price of similar products, Abacus GY-FV1200 sterling silver speaker line is a cost-effective, its sound performance through the smooth, rounded and clear, at the same price Wire is rare. In the sound field performance, Yaguang GY-FV1200 show spacious but not too loud sound field, the sound of high purity, a kind of transparent and flexible tone, audio and video in the right proportion, the outline of the shape and money, will not With any burrs. Listen to pianos, guitars Musical instruments with a well-defined musical instrument are the most touching, like the "Mediterranean Love" album of Latin-inspired guitars, passionate musical notes, the eruption of resilience and strength Just right, a kind of playing chewing gum-like shells refreshing, so I fully feel the true beauty of natural instruments, which is Germany GY-FV1200 sterling silver speaker cable, the most interesting place for me.

Abba GY-FV1200 / (12-core sterling silver) speaker cable

Distributor: German tone company (020-3821 6470)